Human Reproduction Update. Jan/Feb 2016.

A systematic review on endometriosis during pregnancy: diagnosis, misdiagnosis, complications and outcomes.

Leone, U, et al.

I frequently get asked about the impact of endometriosis on future pregnancy and especially rates of miscarriage.

This review concludes: “Complications of endometriosis during pregnancy are rare and there is no evidence that the disease has a major detrimental effect on pregnancy outcome. Therefore, pregnant women with endometriosis can be reassured on the course of their pregnancy.”

The effects of chemical and physical factors on mammalian embryo culture and their importance for the practice of assisted human reproduction.

Wale, PL, et al.

This is one for the CREI Fellows.

Various chemical and physical factors have adverse effects on the viability of embryos. The effects can be long-term. Therefore, optimising the in vitro environment is essential.


The use of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) to prevent transmission of genetic disorders.

We have attached a new article in the ‘documents’ section of our website.

‘The use of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis to prevent transmission of Haemophilia A and B’ is an article published in a Haematology magazine.

Whilst the article is specific to Haemophilia, the concepts can be applied to any single gene disorder.

This article details the process of IVF and PGD.

It also explains the limitations of the process.