Hysteroscopy & Diagnostic Laparoscopy

  • Discharge from hospital: You will be able to go home the same day as surgery following a review by the doctor.
  • Support/Supervision: It is recommended that a responsible adult be with you in the first 24 hours following surgery. It is important during this period of time, not to drive or operate heavy machinery & not to drink alcohol or make any important decisions or sign legal paperwork.
  • Nausea: Is very common following a general anaesthetic & may take a day or so to fully resolve. If you have this symptom, keep to clear fluids until you feel better. If vomiting continues for longer than 24 hours please seek medical advice.
  • Sore throat: This is very common after anaesthetic. Fluids & throat lozenges will help with discomfort.
  • Bleeding: There will be some bleeding similar to a period, for approximately 3 to 10 days. If you develop heavy bleeding, increasing pain or signs of an infection please seek medical advice.
  • No swimming, No baths, No sexual intercourse & No tampons until post-op review in the rooms (2 weeks). If there is excessive vaginal bleeding, pain or features of infection please call the rooms or present to local Emergency Dept.
  • Diet: Start with fluids and then a light diet e.g. soup, toast, sandwich & then increase intake dependent on your appetite.

Pain & Pain Relief

Mild to Moderate pain (like period pain) is expected in the first 3 days with abdominal tenderness & at the incision sites. Shoulder tip pain is also common due to the ‘gas’ that is used to inflate the abdomen during the laparoscopy. Simple pain relief will be ordered and required for about 3 days.

  • Paracetamol 1000mg (2 tablets) every 6 hours as required
  • Ibuprofen  400mg every 8 hours as required
  • Panadeine Forte 2 tablets every 6 hours – Panadeine Forte contains Paracetamol, therefore  DO NOT TAKE  Paracetamol  whilst taking Panadeine Forte
  • A fibre supplement like Norma Fibre or Metamucil should be taken daily to prevent constipation usually until you return to your normal activity levels.
  • Dressings: Remove at home in 1 week. Sutures dissolve & so do not need to be removed.

Exercise & Work

  • No strenuous exercise for one week.  Most people will return to work after 4 days, a medical certificate for one week will be provided to support this.

Additional information for Women following Complex Laparoscopies & Open Procedures

Complex Laparoscopies

  • Discharge from hospital: Most will usually go home by the next morning or after your bowels are open
  • Dressings: Remove at home 1 week, sutures dissolve and don’t need removing
  • Review is usually 4-6 weeks after the procedure
  • No driving for 2 weeks
  • 2 weeks leave is recommended which will be supported by a medical certificate
  • No strenuous exercise for 2 weeks. Nothing that will cause straining pushing/pulling or jarring actions for 4 weeks after the procedure.

Open Procedures

  • Discharge from hospital:  Length of stay will depend on operative procedure and will usually occur between 3 and 7 days after the procedure.
  • Dressing to abdominal wound: Please remove at 3 weeks (removal in shower makes removal easier)
  • Review 4-6 weeks after the procedure
  • No driving for 4 weeks if incision was  across the abdomen
  • No driving for 6 weeks if incision was made through the midline of the abdomen
  • 4 weeks leave is recommended where the incision is across the lower abdomen. This will be supported by a medical certificate
  • 6 weeks leave is recommended following open procedures where the incision is in the midline of the abdomen. This will be supported by a medical certificate
  • Moving and walking is very important after surgery to prevent complications like deep vein thrombosis. However no other exercise is recommended for 6 weeks (until review) after any open procedure. Major abdominal surgery will make you feel quite tired for the first few weeks after surgery.

*Caution in relation to physical activity in the first few weeks after surgery can prevent significant complications , please follow advice as above.*