In cases where laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery is either, not possible, or not appropriate, then open surgery may be necessary.

Open surgery involves an incision or cut through the skin and then entry into the abdomen (laparotomy). The cut in the skin is either low transverse (bikini line) or in the midline from umbilicus (belly button) down towards the pubic bone. A retracting device is sometimes used to enable better visualization of the pelvis and abdomen. This kind of surgery is sometimes necessary for difficult ovarian surgery, hysterectomy or fibroid removal when the size of the uterus is very large. Having an operation that involves open surgery usually requires a longer stay in hospital and more time away from work, usually four to six weeks.

The team at Marren Campbell & Mackie is experienced in this kind of surgery when it is necessary but will aim to perform laparoscopic surgery where at all possible as this lessens the pain of the surgery and shortens your recovery from surgery.