The obstetricians at MC&M are happy to see couples early in their pregnancy. The initial consultation will provide the opportunity for a complete medical & obstetric history to be taken. It will include an obstetric examination  & an ultrasound. There will also be plenty of time to have all your questions answered. The initial consultation will also encompass how to book the hospital and parent education classes as well as obtaining any required additional referrals for pathology & or genetic testing as described in the table below. Carrier screening will also be offered.

Women are then seen 4-6 weekly till 28-weeks; fortnightly till 36-weeks; and then weekly until delivery. At times, more frequent visits may be required.

At each visit you will be given the opportunity to discuss the progress of your pregnancy. Examination will include a blood pressure and abdominal examination – including fetal heart rate. There will also be the opportunity to meet with our practice midwife & discuss any concerns in the pregnancy, parent education services, breastfeeding & practical preparation planning for the postnatal period.

As you due date approaches, we will encourage you to develop a birth plan so that we can facilitate the experience that you and your partner desire.

The following table outlines investigations performed throughout your pregnancy. It is a guide to appointment scheduling that may vary depending on your pregnancy wellbeing.